Feeling of Giving

Kid Safe and Kid Friendly Sites

A feeling of giving, of helping, and making our kids happier and safer is a great feeling. That must also be a feeling that the creators of Imme Kids must be proud of as they continue their mission of helping kids fight childhood depression and against bullying. Like many kid friendly sites, Imme Kids' YouTube channel is safe for kids, but it is so much more than that too.

Imme Kids is a non-profit video and animation club that invites kids to learn about making and producing videos. While Imme Kids also offers one of those aforementioned kid friendly sites, it is within these fun and exciting workshops where kids really find the help, the courage, the voice, and tools to help fight depression and bullying. And for the son and mother team that started Imme Kids, that feeling of giving comes from watching and helping kids learn, grow, and become more confident in who they are - just as they are.


From helping to create skits for videos and music videos to editing and even playing roles, kids can find a means to express themselves and discover their creativity. Kids can learn a new medium to use as an outlet for their feelings and emotions, and they can grow in the self-confidence they need to stand against and speak up about bullying.

If you and your kids are looking for a kid-friendly site, then you may want to visit Imme Kids at their Imme Kids channel to join in on the fun. The real fun and real learning happen though when kids join the Imme Kids club where the hands-on fun begins. Kids today live in a world with many challenges and the mother-son team at Imme Kids wants to help kids be prepared and to face those challenges.

The feeling of giving doesn't get much better than that.