Kids Games

Kids Games That Offer More Than Play

It is only a game and they are only toys, but they can also be much more. Kids games can offer more than play and distraction, much like kids toys can be used to help children learn things like counting and letters. These games can be used in simple ways to help kids build relationships, or in lighthearted ways to help kids relax and have fun.

Kids toys are great ways to teach our youth many basic principles, but as our children get older, they need instruction on matters of the heart and mind. As they face issues like childhood depression or bullying, for example, they must learn coping skills and how to find healthy ways to express themselves.

Imme Kids is a non-profit video and animation club that, through the fun and joy of learning how to create videos, helps kids to find ways to fight against depression, express their emotions and feelings, and learn how to stand against bullying. It might be in the confidence they get from helping to create a video, or the ability to find their voice in creating a skit, Imme Kids is dedicated to helping kids lead healthy, happy, and full childhoods.

Sometimes a toy is just a toy, and that's alright. Sometimes a game is just a game, and that's good too. Then, sometimes, a game offers something more or a toy teaches a lesson, and that's even better yet. The world is changing and kids are growing up faster than ever, maybe too fast? So letting them be kids a little longer while helping them prepare for some of life's hurdles is the best of both worlds. Oh, to be a kid again!